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Our Mission

Our mission is to give every child a happy and stimulating atmosphere that promotes fun and a love for learning.
SunnySide Daycare and OSC Provides care for babies and children up to 12 years old. By meeting the standard of excellence by Alberta Children and Youth Services, we became the first after school care to be accredited in Edmonton. Accreditation is a voluntary process that objectively assesses whether childcare programs meet the governments standards of excellence. We are a family run center with over 18 years experience in the childcare sector.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Sunnyside family.

Our Philosophy

At Sunnyside Day Care, our principal philosophy is to serve the needs of the children. Our primary focus is to love, nurture and provide the best care possible, in a fun and safe environment. At SunnySide Daycare and Out School Care, we believe that play is an essential and necessary part of a child’s development. We believe in the idea that children “learn through play”, so we strive to create activities that a child has chosen freely, and is not dominated or imposed by an adult.


The center applies a consistent, positive approach to guiding children’s behavior. To develop relationships with the children all staff members are encouraged to participate in active conversation with the children on a daily basis.

Our methods reflect the philosophy of the center by providing opportunities for the children to practice independence, develop autonomy and exercise personal choice. To maintain a child’s self-esteem we emphasize positive verbal reinforcement and encourage appropriate behavior.

Open door

At Sunnyside, we believe that having an open door is a necessity to ensure overall satisfaction with our program. It is the policy of center to work in partnership with families to support children’s learning and development while in care.